This blade is for sale for the purpose of rasing money for "sweet baby james" (@sweetbabyjamesthewarriorkid) on instagram. James was born ESRD and needs a kidney transplant. This coyote subversor is 1/10 that were ever made, with no plans to ever produce anymore. All $500 will go directly to James's family to help with medical bills. 


From our new production line, the Subversor is a full sized tanto optimized for fighting in less than ideal conditions. The knife is precision milled, from the steel itself to the scales, to offer uncompromising quality and attention to detail.

The steel is D2 Tool Steel that has been cryogenically treated and double tempered to maximize strength and edge retention.

For the scales we sourced genuine aerospace carbon fiber that has been both textured and chamfered to give you the traction you need while maintaining a high level of comfort sitting in the hand.

The steel finish is coyote PVD offering unparaleled corrosion resistance and finish longevity. This way your knife will perform regardless of environmental conditions.

Every Subversor blade comes with a black sheath that is compatible with every sheath mount attachment we sell. 

We overlooked nothing, and cut no corners when developing and bringing this blade to market. The Subversor is 100% American made, in America, with materials selected from American vendors and built to last. Using precision milling and cnc machines we have been able to offer a knife with precise and exacting tolerances, giving you the quality you need to perform at your best.


*** PLEASE NOTE *** The Subversor is a task specific combatives blade that comes to a very fine tip. This alllows it to excell at penetration, but is not ideal for utlity work. 



Steel:  D2 Tool Steel
Overall Length: ~9 3/8″
Blade Length: ~4 1/2″
HRC: ~59-60

"Sweet Baby James" Fundraiser COYOTE SUBVERSOR (1/10)