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Whether tracking four legged animals or two, the Tracker is built from the ground up as a full size fighter that also offers qualities conducive to hunting and bushcraft. Hand crafted and built from .207” thick S35VN Stainless Steel, the Tracker gives you a blade that can take a beating and offers high levels of structural integrity for activities such as breaching and prying. Whatever the job, this knife wants to be put to work.

— When choosing Ironwood as the scale option, please note that ironwood has a vastly different figure (pattern) from piece to piece and can look different than pictured. We source our ironwood from the best supplier we’ve found so the final product we deliver is top notch.

Each knife ships with a Holstex sheath and your choice of “molle lock”, “scout loops” or “IWB clip”. ALL our sheaths are modular in nature and allow to easily swap between sheath mounts to maximize the knife’s versatility.

— Molle Lock– Ideal for plate carriers, war belts or anything else that has industry standard molle webbing.

— Scout loops– A set of loops that wrap around your belt allowing for horizontal carry at any position.

— IWB Clip– An inside the waistband clip allowing for concealed carry.

— The Tracker is handmade. This means there can and will be subtle differences from the knives pictured.

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