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Custom MK2 crafted from S35VN with a "cobalt" cerakote job. The scales feature hand sculpted/sanded Arizona desert ironwood topped off with carbon fiber pins. 


The free hand ground S35VN steel is heat treated to roughly 60 rockwell (with cryo treatment) to balance toughness with edge retention. 


This build ships with a hand built kydex sheath as pictured. 


**The scales on this build have a couple small natural voids in the wood on the logo side of the knife visible in the pictures. The price has been reduced to reflect this small and normal imperfection you sometimes get working with natural woods. 


Steel - S35VN American

HRC ~60 (with cryo)

Finish - Cobalt Cerakote

Length ~7-3/4"

Blade Length ~ 3-1/2"

MK2 (Ironwood)

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