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Two of the most common questions we get are "will this knife work for my setup?" and "how do I mount my blade where I want it?".

For us, the way a blade gets integrated into your set up/kit is as important as the knife itself. We want to equip you with the best blade for the job. And give you the mounting versatility you need to perform at your best.  

We offer four different sheath mounts to give you the flexibility you need regardless of your application. We'll give you a comprehensive breakdown on this page to help you find the attachment you need to maximize your capabilities. 



A molle lock is a precision molded attachment specific to "mollle" type applications. You simply attach it to your sheath first (with the included hardware), then open it, slide it through your molle webbing, snap the spring assisted lock back into place and you are good to go. 


You can run the molle lock on either side of the sheath to give you the option of running the blade for right or left hand deployment. 

The molle lock is what you want to securely carry your blade vertically on plate carriers, battle belts and other kit that has molle webbing. 


Scout loops are soft loops made from rubberized nylon meant to give you the ability to carry your knife horizontally on your belt.


 We sell them as a pair and include hardware so you don't have to spend time sourcing parts and pieces. 

They function by first getting mounted to your sheath. They can then be run through your belt and snapped back into place on the sheath via a "pull the dot" locking mechanism that securely snaps into place. 

The loops are reversible for carry at any position, left or right hand. They are also adjustable to accommodate different sizes of belts. 


An IWB clip, or "Inside the Waist Band" clip is a metal clip meant primarily for concealed carry applications in which you carry the knife vertically, concealed on the inside of the waist band. Simply mount to the sheath (hardware included), and drop it where you want it. 

You can run the clip on either side of the sheath for right hand and left hand deployment

The IWB clip also works well for hiding your knife in the kangaroo pouch of your plate carrier, chest rig, or similar set up. 


The Tek-Lok is an extremely versatile attachment meant for carry on a belt, all the way from 1.25 inches in width to 2.25 inches. 

This attachment will give you the ability to carry your knife both horizontally or vertically on your belt. It attaches to your sheath with two screws and posts (included) by going through whichever of the 9 holes the Tek-Lok has. This  way not only can you carry vertically or horizontally, you can fine tune the blade up or down to dial it in exactly where you want it. 

Becuase the Tek-Lok can fit from 1.25"-2.25" belts it can be used with a traditional belt as well as battle belts that don't exceed 2.25" in width such as the G-Code and Ronin Tactics belts to name a few. 

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