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The Tek-Lok is an extremely versatile attachment meant for carry on a belt, all the way from 1.25 inches in width to 2.25 inches. 

This attachment will give you the ability to carry your knife both horizontally or vertically on your belt. It attaches to your sheath with two screws and posts (included) by going through whichever of the 9 holes the Tek-Lok has. This  way not only can you carry vertically or horizontally, you can fine tune the blade up or down to dial it in exactly where you want it. 

Becuase the Tek-Lok can fit from 1.25"-2.25" belts it can be used with a traditional belt as well as battle belts that don't exceed 2.25" in width such as the G-Code and Ronin Tactics belts to name a few. 


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